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About Project "Quantum journey"

The intention of our Quantum Journey inward studio project is to create a local and global community of conscious people. We want to give them techniques and tools to discover their inner world at the most subtle level, and to help them make sense of their lives in a new way.

Going inward is the best way to get to know ourselves, to overcome everything that worries us, scares us, hinders us and prevents us from evolving and because we all want to achieve our dreams and goals. The immature person blames the outside world for their fate. By using those inner tools and techniques all of a sudden we reach self-realization, through which one discovers that all the reasons for this are inside. Therefore, we begin to take care of our body, our thoughts, our emotions, and thus we reach the deepest level – the subconscious – the quantum level of our existence, where the source of our life, power and potential is discovered.

Regardless it’s fitness, yoga, massage, meditation or quantum healing, we create the world from the inside out. Furthermore, we learn to explore this quantum field, to create and transform ourselves as we dream. In its inner world the physical laws of the material world do not apply. In fact, in the quantum field, the soul, the body and the spirit obey quantum physics, which appears as the closest to the Divine Laws. If we begin to think according to these Laws, everything inside us begins to align – health, rejuvenation, clarity of mind, attracting the desired circumstances and events, creating harmonious relationships with people and the world.

What does it mean to begin to think? The conscious thought governs The Creation. Everything we create, good or bad, begins with that. We don’t like who we are or what surrounds us because we live in a world where we can’t convince ourselves that we control our thoughts despite our numerous efforts. It is time to wake up and realize that our consciousness can choose what thoughts our mind receives and emits.

This is what we need to learn – to manage and choose our thoughts. Consciously. They are ripples in the vast quantum ocean and we can choose where to dive.

"It is easier to change your thinking than to change the world. Changing your thinking will definitely change the world.”

The outside world is the mirror for our substance. If we want to change the world around us, we need to understand that the only way is to change ourselves by using our inner tools and techniques.

“You all want the world outside to get better. The world inside of you needs to get right.”

Our inner quantum world is made up of the mind, the soul and the spirit and they are the highest entity of man. To step on this inner path means to become complete, to awaken from within all that is best that can be in a person.

"Wisdom is something that has to be discovered by each one, and it is not the result of knowledge. Knowledge and wisdom do not go together. Wisdom comes when there is the maturity of self-knowing. Without knowing oneself, order is not possible, and therefore there is no virtue."

The qj studio

Our lovely studio consists of one big studio room for group events, yoga classes and workshops; and two smaller rooms dedicated for private sessions, massage therapies, etc. Come check it out and treat yourself to a nice cup of complimentary tea or water!

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Our Yoga Props

We encourage our students to bring in their own props,

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