Energy Healing

Pronounced “RAY KEE” is a holistic healing therapy originated in Japan. Sometimes called “Hands-on Healing” or “Energy Medicine” this treatment can be used as a way to transition through states of anger, fear, worry, or sadness, relieve physical symptoms of dis-ease, reduce pain, and ease emotional stress evoking deep states of healing and mind-body-spirit connection, stimulating the natural ability to heal. Geared to help you to transmute the energy of fear and access a place of authentic stillness where the mind becomes still and you tune in to the voice of your heart. What cures or heals? The life-force energy!

Reconnective Healing is an energy healing approach that completely transcends other energy healing modalities. It does not require any special preparations or rituals. It is a hands-off approach, facilitated either in-person or at a distance. Throughout the session the client is laying down on a massage table, fully clothed. The session duration is about an hour, where 30-35 minutes are spent on the massage table. Among some of the benefits of Reconnective Healing are manifested not only on a physical level, but also mental, spiritual and emotional. Optimum results could be achieved with only 1 to 3 sessions.

The Personal Reconnection is a structured, precise application of the Reconnective Healing Frequencies, which not only brings us back into balance and optimal health, but tends to accelerate our personal evolution helping us realize or manifest our intended life path and purpose. Throughout the session one’s energy centers are aligned with two more complementary energetic systems – that of the Planet Earth and the Universe.

The Personal Reconnection is facilitated once in a lifetime, in-person and in two consecutive sessions, not more than 72 hours apart. Age does not matter.

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