Sound Bath

💓Sound healing💓 is like being in the ocean and letting waves wash over you, but here it’s a wave of sound – like a wave of consciousness.
Specially tuned frequencies of sound help to bring you into a deep state of rest and self-healing.

During a sound bath we set the intention to reset, restore, unwind and let go in to a deep state of relaxation in an extended savasana immersed in sound via 7 crystal singing bowls played by the practitioner. Each sound bath is unique and may also incorporate other instruments like the handpan, Chinese gong, song pod, and tingshas.

Each crystal bowl that is played is tuned to a different chakra, or energy center and emitts a frequency of sound that corresponds to each of the 7 main chakras that rise up the length of the spine. When these bowls resonate with your chakras, they help to cleanse, clear, and open you up to recieve fresh vital chi or prana, otherwise known as life force energy. The vibrations of the crystal bowl sounds help to move energy through your body and bring you into a state of vibrational harmony via bathing you in sound. This helps your body find balance and heal itself. Soundbathing is also a tool to ease your brainwaves into Theta and Delta meditation states and hold them there for potentially longer periods of time.


As a form of meditation, sound baths are an excellent way to let go of your worries and sink into a deeply serene experience. Seated or laying on your mat, get cozy, snuggle in, and let an hour of magic unfold


🌟Calm your body and mind
🌟Reduce stress and anxiety
🌟Increase focus and clarity
🌟Decrease tension and fatigue
🌟Boost your mood and reduce feelings of anger
🌟Improve sleep
🌟Elevate feelings of spiritual well-being
🌟Ease into and hold meditation states for consciousness exploration

Sound bath sessions are approximately 1 hour in length. No experience is necessary.

All are welcome 🤗

Private sound bath

Let us elevate your next party, celebration, team building or group experience with a private sound bath. Bring your group to the studio or house a sound bath at home or in your office.

Price includes up to 10 people. Additional $20/per person. Sound bath includes 30 minutes to set up and have participants settle in, 1 hour sound bath led by 1 practitioner beginning with a fully guided meditation followed by the immersive sounds of 7 crystal bowls and a combination of additional instruments such as the handpan, Chinese gong, song pod, and tingshas.

Each participant leaves with a genuine gemstone crystal keepsake to remember the event. (Crystals come in a variety and are approximately 1 inch in length)

Mats, bolsters, and blankets are provided for the event or participants can choose to use their own props for a comfortable set up in an extended Savasana.

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