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You probably have thought about starting your own yoga teacher journey. Whether it is to deepen your own practice, or to become a certified Yoga Teacher, or you just feel YTT is the next step in your life and you feel ready for it. 

The Quantum Journey Studio recommends Akasha Yoga Academy as one of the best yoga teacher training courses. 

Akasha Yoga Academy has the ability to transform you in so many profound ways! Not just your physical body, but your mind and spirit are propelled beyond your wildest expectations! Check out the introductory video below:

Online Yoga TTC

Every teacher and mentor at Akasha Yoga is sincere, extremely knowledgable and supportive. Akasha has truly established an approach of sharing from the heart! They take the time to listen to every individual question, sharing, or concern, and strive to provide the utmost help and response to their expertise! The program is intense and it provides so much detailed information on so many topics, that really prepare you to be an independent teacher.

online yoga ttc

300-hr Yoga Teacher Training

advanced hatha yoga
& Pranayama

YIn yoga

We cannot recommend Akasha Yoga Academy highly enough! It is truly a transformative experience on the journey of self-discovery! No matter the reason why you feel drawn to begin a yoga teacher training, make sure you check out any of the links on this page and sign up today! 

Please, note that The Quantum Journey Studio does not offer direct yoga teacher trainings. Akasha Yoga Academy is the one who offers the training and our studio recommends it as one of the best online trainings available!

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